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Date: 2007-10-04 09:56:51 +0000 (Thu, 04 Oct 2007)
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- Provide a simple manpage for josm.

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 is an editor for OpenStreetMap written in Java 1.5. 
 .B OpenStreetMap 
-is a free editable map of the whole world. It allows you to view, edit and use
-geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on earth.
+is a project aimed squarely at creating and providing free geographic data 
such as street maps to anyone
+who wants them. It allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a 
collaborative way from 
+anywhere on earth.
 The project was started because most maps you think of as free actually have 
legal or technical 
 restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, 
productive or unexpected
-.SS Getting Started
-1. Go to 
-and create an account to be able to upload your work and contribute to 
-2. Configure josm to use that account in the 
-.IR Preferences
-3. Download data from the OSM database by clicking the
-.IR Download
-button. An easy way to download the area you are interested in is by opening a 
GPX file and then download the area which the 
-screen currently covers.
-4. Do your changes in josm. OSM's data is made up from the following elements:
-.BR Nodes:
-The dots that are used for drawing segments between.
-.BR Segments:
-The lines that are placed between two nodes.
-.BR Ways:
-A set of grouped segments.
-.BR Closed Ways:
-Closed ways are used to represent an area, like a forest or a lake.
 This program does not accept command line options. 
-.BR josm-plugins (1),
-.BR java (1),
+.BR josm-plugins (1).
 josm was written by Immanuel Scholz.
+The current maintainer is Frederik Ramm.
 This manual page was written by Andreas Putzo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
 for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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