Dear Maintainer

You are receiving this email because registered as current contact for
at least one package that depends on Tcl/Tk. You could or could not
be subscribed to the official Tcl/Tk Development list on Alioth. In the
first case you will receive twice this email, I'm sorry.

As in the subject, there is a recent on going discussion for writing
a draft of a policy about Tcl/Tk and its packages, modules and/or 

You can find a daily preview of the policy at
which is generated from the the source SGML maintained on the 
pkg-tcltk subversion repository.

Some proposals have been done to change the de facto status of 
Tcl/Tk and you can freely consult them on the list archive,
specifically at

You can be interested in partecipating to the thread (the list is open 
to non subscribed people) and possibly joining the list at

because the current draft could impact one or more of the packages you
maintain. If this was not the case, I'm sorry again, but you will not 
receive any other bothering email by me, anyway :)

Francesco P. Lovergine

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