On Dec 14  12:40, Mark Robinson wrote:
> Sadly it's still quite badly broken, failing to correctly calculate the 
> sizes for the various panels leaving critical values (lat, long etc) 
> unreadable and failing to make the map the same size as the panel it's 
> assigned to.

Can you please elaborate on what exactly the problem is? I have no
problems neither with 800x600 nor 1024x768. All widgets are visible for
me, even if i force the resolution with the -g switch. There seems to be
a problem when resizing the window, though.

> Further, there are obvious map rendering errors using when using neither 
> the no_dir nor expedia maps at wide zooms.
> The scale bar at the bottom right of the image appears to be approximately 
> an order of decimal magnitude out.
> The map grabbing code seems buggy too.

Please open separate bugs for this problems. It's otherwise a bit hard
to track.

> Menus to configure mysql and pgsql seem to have disappeared and that 
> support which remains seems broken.

For all i know there never was a configuration menu for mysql (also i
agree that it would be nice to have one :) ). 
Please see Readme.Debian for instructions on how to set up the

> It's a shame that this very promising program seems to be becoming less 
> functional with more development.
> Perhaps it is worth considering reverting distribution to an earlier 
> version which is less buggy.


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