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Stephan Holl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hallo Peter,
> I have seen that you have already build a new proj4-4.6.0-package for
> sid. Sadly I miss the NAD27-datumgridshift files[1] you had included
> for the version of proj in sarge and etch.
> Are you willing to update the package again to use the files also in
> the new lenny-package?
> Thanks for your comments.
> Best regards and a happy new year!
>       Stephan
> [1]
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Hi Stephan,

Sorry... I hadn't even noticed that this got dropped along the way.  I
don't use datum shifting myself.

As a reminder, here's what README.NADUS says:

: To build, and install proj with US NAD83/NAD27 datum shifting support, it
: is necessary to place these in the proj/nad directory before configuring,
: building, and installing proj.
: These files should work with pretty much any version of PROJ.4, but are
: known to work with PROJ 4.3.x and PROJ 4.4.x.

So we should add these to the alioth archive and rebuild a package.
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