On Jan 05  13:18, ???????? ???????????????? wrote:
>   I was working on JOSM package, and then I found out that you guys have 
>   been working on it too. I looked at your work on Alioth's SVN. It 
>   looks much better than what I did indeed. Except for are a couple of 
>   things:
>   1. Your package compiles against sun-java6-jdk which as far as I 
>   understand could make the package be in non-free. I compiled using 
>   IcedTea, I know that IcedTea is not *yet* in Debian, but I was just 
>   talking to someone who is working on a Debian package for IcedTea 
>   this weekend.

I did not yet committed my latest changes to the subversion repository.
I no longer build with sun-java but with the GNU java compiler. This
works but has some drawbacks. Seeing IcedTea in Debian would certainly
be nice.
>   2. I added a josm.desktop file.
>   Please find the .diff file attached with this email, I hope that you'd 
>   find benefit in it and probably merge some of what I've done 
>   (especially the 2 points I mentioned) with your work.
Many thanks. I will commit it to svn (along with my other changes :)


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