Package: postgis
Version: 1.1.6-2

Hi all,

(select geomfromewkt('SRID=2;POLYGON((1 2,2 3,3 4,1 2))'))
~= (select geomfromewkt('SRID=1;POINT(1 2)'));

The above query causes a postgresql server backend !crash! (Do not try
this in your production environment) in the default debian install on
our 64bit AMD opteron, with debian stable.

I did try this in a pg8.3 pgis 1.3 on MSWindows and there it is ok.

Apparently the operator ~= can not be used on two geometries of different type.

So question: can postgis please be upgraded to 1.3 as soon as possible
for all postgresql versions (at least in backports).



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