On Apr 12  12:06, Richard Degelder wrote:
> To Debian GIS Project maintainers,
> Thank you for having JOSM available to users of Debian.  I downloaded
> and installed the package from "Sid" recently and it works very well.  I
> have been involved with OpenStreetMap for almost a year and a half and
> find it enjoyable and now that it is supported within my Linux
> distribution of choice it is even more convenient.  
> There is only one minor feature request that I have and with that I am
> wondering if it is possible to create, and install it when the package
> is installed, an icon for the desktop.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will certainly add a desktop file in an
upcoming package version.

It's usually better to submit a wishlist bug against the josm package
to the Debian Bug Tracking System so that the request can be tracked.
An easy way to report bugs is with the 'reportbug' command which is
available via the reportbug package.


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