Package: gmt-doc
Version: 4.1.2-1.1
Severity: wishlist

        The documentation has a number references to ghostview, like:

$ lynx -dump /usr/share/doc/gmt/html/tutorial/node9.html 
    8. To view a PostScript file (e. g., on a UNIX workstation
       we use ghostview  On some systems there will be similar
       commands, like imagetool and pageview on Sun workstations.  In
       this text we will refer to ghostview; please substitute the
       relevant PostScript previewer on your system.

        However, as (as suggested by [1] and [2]) ghostview by now has
        been replaced by gv, and since it may be confusing for a Debian
        user not to find the former in the archive, these references
        should be replaced by appropriate references to gv.

        As I guess it's a bit unlikely for ghostview to be found in a
        contemporary distribution, this change may be suggested to be
        incorporated upstream.


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