I follow development of GeoDjango (http://geodjango.org/) which is the
GIS-enabled branch of the popular Django web application framework.  It is
expected to merge with Django proper before Django 1.0 is released in
September, 2008.

In the process of writing a HOWTO guide for GeoDjango installation on Debian
4.0 "Etch", I realized that I'm missing some backports :/

This list is listed as the maintainer of libgdal1-1.5.0/etch-backports.
There is no x86_64 version (only i386) of this backport.  Would anyone here
be interested in uploading an x86_64 version?

Also, the following three non-backported packages are required for
GeoDjango.  Would anyone be interested in backporting them?
They are:
   * postgresql-8.3-postgis
   * libgeos-3.0.0
   * python-psycopg2
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