On Aug 04  20:38, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> Looking at this I started to wonder if the bug is really in josm, so
> I've tried it with a different window manager and I had to realize that
> it works well in Fluxbox. What I'm using at the moment is xmonad as
> window manager within KDE, so the problem seems to be somewhere within
> java, xmonad and KDE...

That's indeed interesting and i can reproduce it with xmonad (without
Funny thing is if you start josm with java -verbose -jar
/usr/share/josm/josm.jar and click with the mouse in the grey josm
window you trigger click events and i even managed to produce a correct
popup window with this.
I tried freemind, which also uses java swing, and this works fine in
xmonad, so it might well be something weird in josm, though i didn't
spot anything at a first glance.


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