> > +## DP: As per debian wishes, choose the pager based on what 'pager' is
> > +## DP: set to rather than the default of 'more'.
> > +## DP: Problem with this patch: the default pager is usually 'less', which
> > +## DP: is rather inappropriate for use with g.list where output is usally
> > +## DP: less than 25 lines and it is useful to have the text remain on the
> > +## DP: terminal after the pager is finished. IMO (HB) this is a diservice
> > +## DP: to the user, who would be better served keeping the default as
> > +## DP: 'more', or if that is unacceptable to debian, then use 'cat' and
> > +## DP: have no pager turned on by default.
> > +## DP: Note this in README.Debian??

Francesco wrote:
> Well, no. The default pager is what the user chooses among more, less,
> most, page and what else.

I mean the default pager as set by the Debian-install is `less` (which
the vast majority of debian users have not changed), not any default
value the user has set themselves by changing /etc/alternatives/.

> Also, it can be easily overriden at grass level by setting the
> appropriate env var instead of the default alternative.

yes, this is what I do to circumvent this patch, and what I suggest to
note in README.Debian.



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