Steko wrote:
> If I start GRASS from gnome-terminal, it starts without any problem.
> But when I try to start it from the GNOME GUI (e.g. using a launcher)
> I can only get the startup dialog and choose the location.
> After that, the Slesia map splash screen shows up and then... GRASS
> exits. That's all.
> I'm baffled because usually I would start the program from a terminal
> to see what's wrong, but if run from a terminal everything goes fine.
> Please give me instructions on how to collect the proper information.


I can reproduce this from the gnome panel.

The "solution" is to tick the "run in terminal" box in the launcher prefs
and make the command "grass -gui".

with the command as "grass -text" (or if you were last in a text session)
you get a run away set_data process eating up 100% cpu! but it responds
to kill so easy to get rid of.

how to debug: if you do "touch ~/GIS_ERROR_LOG" it will log the error
messages to the file which you can look at later. In this case it shows:

error:     LOCATION_NAME not set
error:     G_getenv(): Variable LOCATION_NAME not set

but I think these are just symptoms of general system init failure.

with GRASS 6.4svn's gis.m you get an error message:
"Error setting region (Problem with g.region?): child process exited
abnormally" [OK] then "g.proj or projection error: ERROR G_getenv():
Variable LOCATION_NAME not set" [OK] and then it all closes.

why? no idea. but you need to start it with terminal open. Probably
has to do with the envrio vars set up by GRASS's
I have ideas that in GRASS for MS-Windows it can run terminal-free,
but I'm not sure about that.


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