I was having this problem with my BU-353 USB-puck GPS a little while ago.
The gpsd "cgps" program put it into SiRF binary mode without me asking,
and that creates (AFAICT) pseudo-NMEA strings when a client asks for raw

this was with gpsdrive built from SVN (Oct 2008?) and I believe gpsd
2.36-2~bpo40+1 for debian etch from

The "solution" was to reset the GPS to output in NMEA not binary SiRF
protocol using scripts/ from the gpsdrive source code.
which is just:
  echo "Switching the GPS connected to the local Gpsd into NMEA Mode ..."
  (echo "N=0"; sleep 1 )  | telnet localhost 2947

no idea if it helps with the Garmin,


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