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As you know, building against MPI is tricky.  Lots of folks have
adopted a strategy of building against OpenMPI on architectures it
supports and using LAM for the rest [1].  However, that means the
knowledge of which architectures can build OpenMPI is replicated in
the control files of many packages.  I package MINC, which uses MPI
via hdf5.  The current hdf5 packaging forces me to replicate this
information in the MINC control file.

Recently, Adam Powell created a meta-package [2] to centralize this
knowledge; c.f. discussion in [3].  The new meta-package produces two
binary meta-packages: mpi-default-dev and mpi-default-bin which depend
on libopenmpi-dev and openmpi-bin respectively on the platforms where
they are available, and lam4-dev and lam-runtime on the others.

Please consider introducing corresponding mpi-using hdf5 packages,
either in addition to libhdf5-lam, libhdf5-mpich, etc or as a
replacement for them.

The goal would be to have libhdf5-mpi-default-dev for packages such as
MINC to build with.



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