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+Debian Proj upstream source notes
+The Debian Proj package comes with both proj4 upstream and additional
+datum grids ( at
+the time of this file) in a single package. A note about datum grids you can
+find in nad/ directory and datumshifts.shar archive is mandatory.
+All those data are public domain, taken and collected from various
+US/Canada, France and New Zealand public domain resources.
+Most of them are available in ASCII form, and some use a NTv2 binary 
+format. The NTv2 format is a documented format used by some tools freely
+available by various sources: some of them are binary-only, other
+are available in source form. As references about data origins consider
+the following:
+New Zealand:
+-- Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>  Wed Nov 26 10:52:29 CET 2008

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