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On Mar 25  01:01, Matthew W. S. Bell wrote:
> I note that there seems to be some issues resulting in josm having a
> hard dependency on OpenJDK. Regardless of this, the /usr/bin/josm
> wrapper script seems to go to extra pains to prevent the user running
> JOSM with anything other than OpenJDK.

This is only partly true. The josm wrapper respects the environment
variables JAVA_HOME and JAVACMD. See README.Debian for details.
Sun's java will be added as an alternative to the wrapper in the next
version of the packge.

> Please would you add, or indeed replace, an option to use the system
> java alternative (which I note is the Debian standard method of handling
> this sort of situation). Trying to stop the user making choices is bad
> and wrong, and contray to the whole point of this operating system.

Unfortunately this is not possible (at least we think it is not).
josm does not run with most of the jvm's in debian and displays only a
grey, unresponsive window when executed. I don't think we can handle all
available jvm's as actual alternatives therefore and try to circumvent
this with our own wrapper that tries all jvm's that work with josm.
To not fully remove the possibility to choose your own java, 
you can export those environment variables, see above.


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