Paul Wise ha scritto:
> It would be nice if jsom had the ability to share its OSM tile cache
> with tangogps. The first thing that is needed is a bunch of preference
> options to specify where to store each of the different types of tiles
> (Mapnik, OSM Cycle Map, TilesAtHome etc). The second thing that is
> needed is to store the files in a directory tree instead of a flat
> directory, 9/419/305.png instead of 9_419_305.png. The third thing would
> be to use a sensible default instead of /tmp/JMapViewerTiles/. The
> sensible default should be $XDG_CACHE_HOME/maptilecache/ or
> $HOME/.cache/maptilecache/ according to this:

Unfortunately, josm upstream usually is not very interested in making it
adherent to standards and interoperable with other software. Anyway,
thanks for the suggestion.

Regards, Giovanni.
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