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Paul Wise ha scritto:
> When I start josm in a terminal, I notice this message:
> Mappaint: Icon nautical/viaduct.png not found, using default icon
> There do seem to be icons for viaducts:
> /usr/share/icons/openstreetmap/classic.big/vehicle/viaduct.png
> /usr/share/icons/openstreetmap/classic.small/vehicle/viaduct.png
> I guess josm needs to use vehicle/viaduct.png instead of the seemingly
> incorrect nautical/viaduct.png pathname.

This problem should have been solved. Anyway, many other icons are still
missing, because josm is not synchronized with openstreetmap-map-icons.

I guess we should start releasing josm and openstreetmap-map-icons at
the same time, making the first depend on the correct version of the
second. What do you think about it, Andreas? Would you mind if I added
me as a maintainer to openstreetmap-map-icons, so I can contribute in
making the contemporary release?

Giovanni Mascellani <>
Pisa, Italy

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