On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 12:30:12PM -0400, Stuart Layton wrote:
> I've packed up hdf5-serial, hdf5-serial-dev, and hdf5-tools version
> 1.8.3 for ubuntu, I'd be willing to work with somebody who wants to
> migrate the package to debian.

It is basically ready for debian too since ages (1.8.2), and tagged for 
Unfortunately there are still pending issues due to upstream stupidity:
in order to generate the thread-safe C library one has to drop
C++/Fortran support, that renders the whole thing unviable. AND the MPI
support requires thread safety AFAIK. So now i have only to choose
if dropping C++/Fortran support or multithread-support. After unuseful
discussion with upstream it seems that the only possibility would be
diverging from upstream and creating  different flavors with different
library names and SONAMEs for that: a thread-safe C library, a non-thread-safe
C/C++/Fortan libraries set. That would force people to support different
names for Debian only which is not something I like so much. The thing
could be partially mitigated by the usual h5cc & C tools, but still
would imply having multiple conflicting -dev packages.

Did you find any better solution for that in 1.8.3?

Francesco P. Lovergine

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