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Francesco P. Lovergine ha scritto:
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> wrote:
>> Author: gmascellani-guest
>> Date: 2009-07-17 13:42:03 +0000 (Fri, 17 Jul 2009)
>> New Revision: 2374
>> Modified:
>>    packages/josm/trunk/debian/copyright
>> Log:
>> New copyright info
> Uhm, note that Apache 2.0 and GPL 2.0 are not compatible. What's the stuff
> you are referring to?

I think you're right. I believed it to be GPL-compatible, but I didn't
remember about the version number. It is only GPL3-compatible. :-(

For what I understand, this means that the josm upstream distribution
itself is illegal, because these Apache-licensed files (bzip2
decompression code) are present there. I think I'll have to write them
to notice them about this fact, but I don't think they'll be happy with
me (they have not been very collaborative in many occasions).

The two solutions I can see are upgrading all their codebase to GPL-3(+)
or use another bzip2 algorithm. Does anybody knows of another,
GPL2-compatible, Java bzip2 implementation?

Thank you, Giovanni.
Giovanni Mascellani <>
Pisa, Italy

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