remaining issues raised in this bug report still to be dealt with

> checkbashisms' output:
>> possible bashism in ./usr/lib/grass64/scripts/mkftcap line 34 (should
>> be >word 2>&1):
>>     if which fc-list >&/dev/null ; then
> don't know.  source:


>> possible bashism in ./usr/lib/grass64/etc/ line 330
>> if [ "$HOSTTYPE" = "arm" ] ; then
> this is probably not of interest to Debian; thus if it fails no loss.
> (fails safely)

if this is considered a problem maybe add a dpatch to rip out that check?
All it does it assume ARM means you have a small device+screen and so the
default window size is a little smaller. If it fails due to dash being
used (perhaps not an unusual occurance on embedded ARM systems) it just
falls back to the initial default window size of 640x480. Personally
I'd be inclined to just leave it as-is.


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