Package: hdf4-tools
Version: 4.2r4-5

        The libhdf4g-run package, which hdf4-tools is, IIUC, intended to
        replace, contained the `ncdump-hdf' and `ncgen-hdf' programs,
        which allowed easy transformation of the data between HDF4 and a
        certain ASCII representation.  However, these programs were, for
        a reason unknown to me, excluded from hdf4-tools, and it seems
        that no comparable replacement was provided.

        For example, as of this hdf4-tools version, there's no easy way
        to list the ``contents'' of an HDF4 file (field names,
        dimensions, attributes) -- the information that has proven to be
        vital for everyday use.  Formely, it could be done with, say:

$ ncdump-hdf -h FILE.hdf | less 

        One of the 4.1st versions of the package that I have the sources
        to had the following in the Debian .diff.gz:

$ zcat pool/main/libh/libhdf4/libhdf4_4.1r4-22.diff.gz 
--- libhdf4-4.1r4.orig/debian/rules
+++ libhdf4-4.1r4/debian/rules
@@ -0,0 +1,211 @@
+       # Rename ncgen and ncdump
+       mv debian/tmp-run/usr/bin/ncgen{,-hdf}
+       mv debian/tmp-run/usr/bin/ncdump{,-hdf}

        The 4.2r4-5 has instead:

$ zcat pool/main/libh/libhdf4/libhdf4_4.2r4-5.diff.gz 
--- libhdf4-4.2r4.orig/debian/rules
+++ libhdf4-4.2r4/debian/rules
@@ -0,0 +1,199 @@
+stamps/install-stamp: build-arch
+       # remove programs and manpages provided by netcdf-bin
+       rm -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/ncdump $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/ncgen
+       rm -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man1/ncdump* 

        The comment provided is, to the best of my knowledge, wrong: the
        versions of these programs provided by netcdf-bin are for NetCDF
        files only, and have no relation (except of the one of the
        ``ancestry'' character) to HDF4.

        Please consider bringing ncdump-hdf and ncgen-hdf back to the
        Debian package.


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