Hi mantainers

A long due upgrade to current Netcdf (4.0.1) is now available on _experimental_
(just ACCEPTED on the NEW queue in record times). Note that version 4 is
a major upgrade in netcdf API. It is back-compatible with version 3, but offers 
a new
improved API too and depends on HDF5 1.8. I would not expect major problems,
but it would allow some projects to improve or being now packaged 
or possibly obsolete other ones (e.g. python-netcdf4 vs python-netcdf).  

Please, do your homework using the experimental repository to test your apps.

Of course, the new libraries will imply as soon as possible (a couple of weeks 
from now is my current idea) a library SONAMEs change, and the usual round 
of binNMUs will come  to provide a smooth migration whenever uploaded into 
In the mean time it is better verifing if all things  work as expected. 

The 4.1 version is still in beta stage, but I would possibly expect another 
migration within the Squeeze release cycle, introducing an OpenNDAP dependency
in the deps chain. We live in mutable times...

Francesco P. Lovergine

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