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Followup-For: Bug #550196


fyi this message:
If you wish to resize the X monitor, do so now. Window size is
locked while interactive modules are running.

is from the lib/init/grass-run.src -> $GISBASE/etc/
script which is used to run modules from the GUI which require
an X terminal to run. It also works around Debian's auth settings
of clearing LD_LIBRARY_PATH for spawned terms.

The gis.m Tcl/Tk startup GUI runs the g.setproj module to set
up new locations from user entered parameters. The g.setproj
module is an interactive terminal based program, so an xterm
is opened by gis_set.tcl with:

exec -- $env(GISBASE)/etc/grass-xterm-wrapper -name xterm-grass -e 
$env(GISBASE)/etc/ $env(GISBASE)/etc/set_data

Finally, debiangis/grass/trunk/debian/patches/xterm.dpatch ensures that
x-terminal-emulator will be the first term tried.

the problem could be that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH work-around is not
yet initialized at this point in the startup, or that gnome-terminal
is somehow abusing that.


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