Le lundi 09 novembre 2009 17:15:43, Barry deFreese a écrit :
> Hi folks,

Hi all,

> I was playing around with OpenJump 1.3 just to see if we could get it
>  updated. However, there are several issues.  I'm copying Stefan here
>  because he was helping me from an upstream perspective.
> Currently 1.3 uses ERMapper and MrSID which are not in Debian.  Stefan was
>  able to strip those out of the build system.  However, 1.3 does seem to
>  need Sun's JAI which is also not in Debian, and as far as I can tell not
>  DFSG.

Sadly, I haven't had time to get to OGRS2009 [0] because I was busy with 
LSM/RMLL2009 [1] (also in Nantes, France). Perhaps it was a good opportunity 
to discuss packaging with some members of OpenJump community.

> I'm not sure what can be done at this point.  Does anyone have any
>  suggestions?
> I'm about to remove libjdom0 from the archive so at least that needs fixed
>  or it will become RC.

I don't know OpenJump internals enough, but with your informations it seems 
packaging 1.3 upstream release will be a tedious task.

May be, as a short term plan, just fix #500535 [2] (completes migration to
libjdom1-java) in OpenJump 1.0 to get rid of JDOM 0.x and then work between 
pkg-grass and pkg-java Debian teams to package OpenJump 1.3 upstream release 
(with all its dependencies).

> Sometimes Java team "helper". :)
Thanks for your help :)

[0] http://www.ogrs2009.org/doku.php?id=labs
[1] http://2009.rmll.info/?lang=en
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/500535

Damien Raude-Morvan - http://damien.raude-morvan.com/

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