Dominic Hargreaves wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 02:13:17PM +0100, David Paleino wrote:
>> What I mean is the "git-buildpackage" layout, i.e.
>> master             # where Debian development happens, i.e. debian/
>> pristine-tar       # where pristine-tar deltas are stored
>> upstream           # where upstream sources are kept, to be merged in
>>                      "master"
>> This eases tracking upstream versions, and managing multiple uploads to
>> Debian (let's say: sid (master), experimental, backports, [..] (all these
>> in separate branches mimicking "master" and "upstream")
> It looks like I might have neglected to push the upstream and
> pristine-tar branches from my repo to I can probably
> still push them to the old repo if you want to try and reconstruct a
> clean history.

Yes, please.

>> > Or for that matter, start again from the known good respository that
>> > you obviously have (mapnik-old.git).
>> I don't think I easily can, but I should try.
>> Was mapnik-old.git (the one you pushed) generated/converted from some
>> other repo? Or was it your main development repo?
> I created a repo from my private subversion repository by mostly
> following the recipe on

I usually follow:
  (plus another link I can't find now)

but, that seems the same as

Please, git push --all, and let's see what can be done.

Thank you,

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