Hi Damien,

Damien Raude-Morvan ha scritto:
> JOSM plugin Debian package doesn't include cadastre-fr plugin, AFAIK, due to 
> some unclear licencing terms.

It is both for unclear licensing terms and of lack of manpower. The fact
that I found again something helping me in getting my packages into the
archive will help a lot! :-)

> I've contacted upstream and he updated every source files with the following 
> header :
>   // License: GPL. v2 and later.
>   // Copyright 2008-2009 by Pieren <pier...@gmail.com> and others
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> r18544 | pieren | 2009-11-10 22:12:36 +0100 (mar. 10 nov. 2009) | 1 ligne
> Add licence in headers for GPL compliance.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It seems fine for me so you may include cadastre-fr for next josm-tested 
> release.

Sure, many other plugins are included with much more arguable GPL
headers. Thank you very much for contacting upstream. Some times ago I
had tried to contact collectively all plugin authors through the
josm-dev mailing list, in order to tell them about GPL headers.

Not meny of them answered. :-(

cadastre-fr will be surely included in next tested. I prefer not to
update it right now, because plugin API is often unstable, so it's
better to package plugins at the same time of josm itself. Anyway,
tested revisions are quite frequent.

Giovanni Mascellani <mascell...@poisson.phc.unipi.it>
Pisa, Italy

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