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David Paleino ha scritto:
> On Tuesday 15 December 2009 02:44:49, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
>> Package: josm
>> Version: 0.0.svn2255-1
>> Hi,
> Hello Mathieu,
>> Could you please package the new upstream version for josm? Upstream
>> lists svn2561 as their current stable version.
> We're having license issues with a couple of plugins, and are waiting for an 
> upstream response.

The only remaining problem is validator, because Christof Dallermassl
updated his copyright.txt files in order to release his plugins as
GPL-3+. So far, only one of the copyright holder for validator answered
to my email asking for releasing under GPL-{2,3}+.

I think we could:
 * do the release for this version of josm _without_ plugins (so people
can benefit from latest josm tested revision);
 * for the next tested release, decide whether validator can be included
or not, and package josm-plugins accordingly.

If you agree, then josm should be ready for upload.

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