Hello Frankie, All.

I am Anton Martchukov - mantainer of a newly created package
of open source chartplotter/navigator OpenCPN.

I am going to use debian-gis svn to store my packaging
related files, subtree was created for me by hamish-guest. Would
you please arrange my access to


for my Alioth login antonm-guest.

For reference you can also check thread on the OpenCPN forum:


If somebody wants to check and possibly sponsor the package, it's uploaded to
mentors repository. I am looking for a sponsor (RFS is also sent
to debian-mentors list):



Anton Martchukov                     http://www.martchukov.com
0xFC4FBF28  96BC 3DAB 231A 7FCC 4F49  D783 9A69 65C1 FC4F BF28

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