Alexandre Fayolle ha scritto:
>>> Removing ~/.josm does not change the situation. I could not find anyt=
>>> suspicious by running through strace (but can send the log to anyone
>>> interested). I also tried running with LC_ALL=3DC to check for faulty=
>>> settings, but I get the same result.
>> This is strange: such blank screen was known to appear with VMs such a=
>> jamvm or gij, but not with the official SUN Java 6 VM. Could you pleas=
>> try it with openjdk-6-jre (automatically preferred if installed), whic=
>> is the environment used for compiling the package and the one I use?
> I get exactly the same symptoms with open jdk.=20
> This sounds like a problem in a dependency package, but I'm not sure ho=
w I can=20
> trace this down.=20

I completely fail to figure out what could the problem be.

Have you tried with the version of josm distributed by upstream
(josm.openstreetmap.de)? Are other Java programs giving the same problem?=

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