On Wednesday 17 February 2010 23:08:02 Giovanni Mascellani wrote:

> w I can=20
> > trace this down.=20
> I completely fail to figure out what could the problem be.
> Have you tried with the version of josm distributed by upstream
> (josm.openstreetmap.de)? Are other Java programs giving the same problem?=

The dowloaded josm-tested.jar behaves in the same way with openjdk and sun's 

I've installed a couple other java packages with graphical user interfaces :

* carmetal stops at startup with a NullPointerException
* pauker start up fine (but the menus don't work)
* eclipse ganymede works fine

Could this be a window manager / desktop environment issue? I'm using awesome 
and have a very lightweight environment (no gnome desktop or KDE). 

Alexandre Fayolle

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