Hi Andreas & Francesco,

I'm e-mailing you because you are listed as Uploaders of the current
gpsdrive-scripts package.

I'm in the process of getting Text::Query removed from Debian, and
gpsdrive-scripts is the only package that depends on it. On closer
inspection of the one file that mentions Text::Query,
scripts/osm/perl_lib/Geo/Gpsdrive/getstreet.pm has the line: use
Text::Query -- it seems that the script doesn't actually need it.
Text::Query is not mentioned anywhere else in the package (except the
README.Fedora file).

Text::Query is an object-oriented Perl module and doesn't seem to
export any subroutines. This means that unless there is a "new
Text::Query" or "Text::Query->new" call somewhere, the module isn't
actually being used at all. Subsequently, I think it is reasonable to
remove that line (and thus drop the libtext-query-perl dependency).

What are your thoughts on this? Am I missing something here?

Thanks for maintaining gpsdrive.



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