(new) mapnik-viewer_0.0~svn1697-1.debian.tar.gz optional utils
(new) mapnik-viewer_0.0~svn1697-1.dsc optional utils
(new) mapnik-viewer_0.0~svn1697-1_i386.deb optional utils
GUI for rendering and viewing maps based on Mapnik mapfiles
 The Mapnik Viewer is a GUI tool for rendering and viewing maps based
 on Mapnik XML mapfiles.
 It can:
  - view tile images on-the-fly
  - debug information on bad config files, points to the erroneous line
  - shows scale and envelope for current view
  - fast zooming and point-based attribute queries
  - export to a variety of formats including tif
(new) mapnik-viewer_0.0~svn1697.orig.tar.gz optional utils
Changes: mapnik-viewer (0.0~svn1697-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #447622)

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