Dear David,

First of all thanks for contacting me.

As you can guess I have absolutly no issue to avoid propagating such
delta, that is clearly useless and is a result of a mistake I did..
I would rather avoid another upload to fix it, and thus I think it
would be better to simply override it in the next upload, that might
be the 0.7.1 if it is accepted before the Ubuntu release. Otherwise I
will personnaly take care of merging with the debian version in lucid

Regarding sending patches upstream (which means debian as you stated)
it is clearly my way of doing stuffs, since the 0.7.0 inclusion in
debian was, I think (and I can clearly be wrong), a bit provocated by
a discussion I have raised on  the pkg-grass-devel mailing list a few
weeks ago.

PS: just for the record I am also subscribed to the debian team since
I'd like to participate a bit more on the debian side to improve the
general state of GIS packages.

Christophe Sauthier   -  06 16 98 63 96
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Services et Formations Open Source

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 4:17 PM, David Paleino <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm the maintainer of mapnik in Debian (team CCed, please keep it in the
> loop).
> I saw you did an upload of mapnik with the following changelog:
> mapnik (0.7.0-2ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low
>  * Merge from debian testing (LP: #526070), remaining changes:
>    - Bump boost build-dep and libmapnik-dev depends to boost1.40
>  -- Christophe Sauthier <>   Thu, 18 Mar
> 2010 01:07:40 +0100
> I'd like to discuss this change to you, as it seems an useless delta from
> Debian, which will interfere with automatic syncing.
> This is what you changed:
> - libboost-thread-dev          >  libboost-thread1.40-dev
> - libboost-filesystem-dev      >  libboost-filesystem1.40-dev
> - libboost-regex-dev           >  libboost-regex1.40-dev
> - libboost-python-dev          >  libboost-python1.40-dev
> - libboost-system-dev          >  libboost-system1.40-dev
> - libboost-iostreams-dev       >  libboost-iostreams1.40-dev
> - libboost-program-options-dev >  libboost-program-options1.40-dev
> At the current time of writing, those packages already depend on 1.40
> versions, both in Debian and Ubuntu. I used the unversioned dependencies to
> make it easier to handle Boost transitions, just doing binNMUs instead of
> sourceful uploads.
> I think that the only reason to hardcode those dependencies is to correctly
> build this package under Karmic.
> As I understand it, though, this is a marginal problem, as Karmic users
> already have mapnik (0.6) in their repositories, and it requires boost 1.38
> (which is the default version there, too). And, if they want to build Lucid
> packages into Karmic, they should be on their own.
> What's your rationale for this change?
> If possible, I'd like it to be reverted with the next upload in Ubuntu (and
> maybe patches forwarded to your upstream, i.e. Debian, if any -- but maybe
> this is asking too much), or ignored in the next sync from Debian.
> Thank you for collaborating,
> David
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