Dear RMs and interested maintainers (in Bcc)

What follows is the list of netcdf build-depending packages currently in the
archive. The netcdf4 package is available in experimental since a while
and currently at RC3 stage. It will be released quite soon and appears in
good shape for Debian, after some fixes already merged upstream. It builds
everywhere and pass unit tests as expected.

The netcdf4 library series extends version 3, but retains also the
previous API, so no unexpected breakages should be present.
Anyway, it is much safe doing our home work and try buildings with
the new version in experimental by explicitly specifying 
libnetcdf-dev (>= 1:4.0.0) in debian/control.

Ideally, a simple binNMUs will suffice in sid to ensure a smooth
transition, after this pre-check in experimental. And it will allow
a few new packages to enter finally the archive, due to their 
strict dependency on version 4.x

Interested packages:

v-sim (Debian Science Team 
vtk (A. Maitland Bottoms <>) 
libmesh (Debian Scientific Computing Team 
deal.ii (Adam C. Powell, IV <>) 
octave-octcdf (Debian Octave Group <>) 
dx (Daniel Kobras <>) 
libpdl-netcdf-perl (Henning Glawe <>) 
nco (Charlie Zender <>) 
gri (Peter S Galbraith <>) 
gerris (Debian Science Maintainers 
magics++ (Alastair McKinstry <>) 
gnudatalanguage (Gürkan Sengün <>) 
kst (Mark Hymers <>) 
gmt (Debian GIS Project <>) 
python-scientific (Matthias Klose <>) 
grads (Alastair McKinstry <>) 
labplot (Helen Faulkner <>) 
gdal (Debian GIS Project <>) 
grace (Nicholas Breen <>) 
ncview (Debian GIS Project <>) 
minc (Debian-Med Packaging Team <>) 
cdo (Alastair McKinstry <>) 

As always, if RMs or others had something to say about/against this 
please speak now :-)

Francesco P. Lovergine

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