yesterday I worked on the Debian GIS Blends stuff because I was bored by
the single task layout to move every GIS related application into one
single task gis-workstation.  When I was read with the restructuring I
realised that I do not have any commit permission to pkg-grass SVN
(formerly we used svn:external property in Blends SVN to point to this
location, but commiting does not work that path).  Because I was in a
hurry to get the new tasks rendered on the web page I decided to cut
this rope and move everything directly to


Please do NOT consider this as a rude tackover but just a workaround to
enable me doing a presentation here at DudesConf 3 in A Coruña.  I would
completely agree to move the stuff back if you would like to maintain
the files in pkg-grass - I was just afraid that things might be delayed
more than possible until I get commit permissions.  Just tell me what
you think is the best solution.  The poplicy for the Blends SVN is:
Every DD has commit permissions - so feel free to work there or ask me
for commit permissions if you are no DD.

Now to the actual changes (just see [1] for the realisation).  First I
need to say: I'm no GIS expert at all - just got a new GPS device at
christmas and started with some OSM mapping.  So it sounded reasonably
to me to have a task gis-gps to handle any GPS data and hardware.
Moreover I introduced a gis-osm task featuring all OSM related packages.
There might be a reason to have also a gis-osm-server task because not
all the packages seem to be relevant for simple mappers.

I made good experiences with a development task in other blends and so
there is a gis-devel task featuring alls the lib<GIS-RELATED>-dev

I moved all R related packages from gis-workstation to gis-statistics -
I'm definitely sure that there are more GIS relevant R packages in
Debian currently.  Please add more (in case you consider the
gis-statistics task reasonable).

I also invented a gis-tools task where I tried to move all smaller tools
from gis-workstation which might be useful for people doing GIS work
without using the large killer apps like GRASS.  This choice of mine is
surely questionable - just take it as suggestion and feel free to change
it back or draw it into another direction.

The last split up from gis-workstation is gis-web where I tried to
assemble all packages which provide some addition to webservers.  As
above I have no idea whether this choice makes really sense - just
feel free to enhance my first scratch work.

You can change all the tasks by checking out


and edit the files there.  The principle is simple - if you need further
documentation you can find it in the Paper about Blends[2].  You are
always invited to join the Blends mailing list[3].

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/gis/tasks
[2] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/blends/ch-sentinel.en.html
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/


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