The Mapnik package depends on boost, builds fine with Boost 1.42, and the next release will require at least Boost 1.41, so this is great news.

 - Dane

On May 4, 2010, at 2:09 AM, Steve M. Robbins wrote:


The packages in the "to" line are currently build-depend on boost 1.40
-dev packages.

We recently changed the boost-defaults to 1.42.  I'd like to remove
boost 1.40 from the archive fairly soon.

Can you let me know whether:

1. your package builds with Boost 1.42
   and you will upload with updated build-deps

2. your package fails to build with Boost 1.42

3. you prefer that I try building with Boost 1.42
   and upload an NMU

4. something else?


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