On 18 May 2010 07:33, Gerrit Pape <p...@smarden.org> wrote:
>  if test "$FRIBIDI_PKG_CONFIG" = "yes" -o ${FRIBIDI_CONFIG: -3} = ".pc" ; then
>                                                           ^^^^^
> I don't think dash handles that either, maybe bash was used in
> that case.

Actually, it must and it does. It is required by policy.

Section 10.4:
>         * `test', if implemented as a shell built-in, must support `-a' and
>           `-o' as binary logical operators.

After checking the configure script with checkbashisms (improved
version, not yet in devscript's git even) reveals the following

possible bashism in ./configure line 9189 (should be 'b = a'):
    if test "$FT_BIN" == "no" ; then

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