Package: gpsdrive
Version: 2.10svn2467.hb
Severity: important


this is already well known, just filing it in the bug system for any
new users who run into it.

The version of GpsDrive currently in testing and sid are incompatible
with the version of gpsd currently in the same. gpsd changed their
API and removed backward compatibility with versions 2.92 and newer.

symptom is that the user never gets a gps lock.

the program still runs and you can use it in 'offline' explore mode
but that's not as much fun.

Ubuntu/Lucid also suffers from this incompatibility.

This is fixed in gpsdrive svn in the 2.11 stable branch and trunk
via a build switch.

2.10pre7 creates buggy OSM tile downloads and should be passed by in
favor of 2.11svn.

the version currently in debian and ubuntu (2.10pre4) is long out of date.


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