On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 02:30:18PM +0200, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Andreas Tille <ti...@debian.org> wrote:
> >   1. Move the general discussion about GIS to a to be created
> >      mailing list about all GIS issues in Debian.  If you agree
> >      I will ask listmaster for registering
> >        debian-...@lists.debian.org
> I'm pro. Even if only one person joins debian-gis who would not join
> pkg-grass-general (or finds a message in an archive, ...),I consider
> the move successful.

Fine.  I think we are now three persons who consider a


list as useful - so just let's talk there.  I'll care for the creation
of this list and keep you informed.
> In fact, I think you should send your message also to the
> pkg-grass-general list to get feedback.

In CC.
> >   2. Keep those mails which are concerning the *package* *development*
> >      of packages like GRASS, Qgis etc in pkg-grass-devel and use
> >      pkg-osm-maint for OSM and GPS devices related stuff
> I'm not the right person to judge how much work switching that list is
> (eg all packages refer to the list), but I would also move towards
> debian-gis-devel. It is more consistent, and if the debian-gis list is
> created, we have the 'momentum' to change it, otherwise it will not
> happen.

I admit this would also be my preference but I was hesitant to fight
"historically grown habits".  On the other hand to do things right we
should register an Alioth project Debian GIS and create the mailing list
there (I would prefer developer oriented list on Alioth and the general
discussion list on l.d.o - this has turned out to be useful for other
projects as well).  In Debian Med and Debian Science there is a list
for collaborative maintainership of medical/science related packages
(debian-med-packag...@l.a.d.o / debian-science-maintain...@l.a.d.o) and
also a list for the commits (debian-{med|science}-comm...@l.a.d.o .
I would consider it a good idea to go with this scheme.

The problem is that we have to fight an historical split (pkg-grass and
pkg-osm, where the later is probably solvable) and this will take some
time of migration and I wonder if there is some common will to push this
change.  If you ask me it is perfectly reasonable to do, but it is very
hard if it is not supported by the whole group.

> Anyway, don't ask my opinion, but perhaps frankie can judge if                
> it is doable?    

I'm actually a bit concerned that frankie stays silent to all mails in
this discussion ...
When we talked three years ago at Debconf 7 in Edinburgh (the last time
I met Frankie) he was in principle in favour of the Blends idea.  Some
confirmation or doubts would be helpful to proceed here.

> > Please tell me what you think about this plan to make Debian GIS more
> > visible inside Debian.

Kind regards



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