> > Anyway, don't ask my opinion, but perhaps frankie can judge if              
> >                                                                             
> >                                                 
> > it is doable?    
> I'm actually a bit concerned that frankie stays silent to all mails in
> this discussion ...
> When we talked three years ago at Debconf 7 in Edinburgh (the last time
> I met Frankie) he was in principle in favour of the Blends idea.  Some
> confirmation or doubts would be helpful to proceed here.

Not silent, but busy :-) I have not strong opions about blends. It is
generally useful for naive GIS users or some specific goals, as well as
live distros and other similar efforts. So, if people volunteered to 
maitain them it is always a good thing. Of course, I'm biased by my 
very little use of tasks at installation time and/or live dvds.
One could say I'd tell the same of any desktop environments, too.
So my opinions about those things should be ignored :-) I'm not
the typical user...

Francesco P. Lovergine

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