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> This is also something bad, because it violates the original upstream will

Yes it does because Mapnik is licenced under LGPL

> Note also that the embedded copy is a 2.3 or 2.4 version, and we used the
> same approach for mapserver to avoid those kind of problems.

Its a patched version of 2.4

> Seriously someone should consider an AGG fork from 2.4
> which is something maybe mapserver folks already did.

I posted an URL to the discussion of the problem.

In there it has been mentioned, that they consider 2.5 dead anyway and that
currently 2.4 development ist going on here:


> My best guessing is moving to the embedded copy if resulting issues are
> grave enough to compromise its use.

There are occasional hangs of the rendering library resulting in 100% CPU usage.


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