On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 04:23:53PM +0100, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> Ok, as asked by the originator of this request, currently I see
> no specific problems in moving to use debian-...@l.d.o and
> debian-gis-committ...@l.d.o,

Just to clarify the list request issue (where I was the originator): The
main point is not *moving* the content of one currently existing list
into two (how should be thia done?) but rather *creating* a new list for
general discussion of GIS in Debian issues.  The existence of such a
list has turned out to have a positive effect regarding the
communication between users and developers especially to gather new
developers for the team.

In short:  the current developer oriented list which is used to discuss
mostly pure packaging issues is not affected by my *original*

> but for the fact that the the main
> list is an open one (with probably a better antispam management).
> Other people did express some concerns about that. Note that
> also the current pkg-grass-devel list is open, but rules are
> good enough to avoid spamming AFAIK. My own pro is that I could
> avoid to loose time to manage the two lists :)
> About the history, as explained on the wiki:
> ----
> An existing mailing list can be moved to lists.debian.org: the
> administrator of the list has to submit a request as described above and
> provide us with a list of subscribers (in plain text format, one address
> per line). Archives of the existing list can also be imported from files
> in mbox format (preferably split per month).
> ----
> So I *think* the past history could be moved from alioth to lists.d.o.
> I can surely provide a subscribers list too.

The discussion was somehow extended by the suggestion to solve the
confusion about the naming of the developer oriented list.  I agree with
this suggestion but it is a separate issue (even if it has the same goal
in mind).  If I remember right the suggestion was also not to move the
developer list from alioth to l.d.o.  Usually you find the developer
oriented lists at alioth and I do not see any reason for changing this.
I would welcome if we would not spoil the original discussion with this
issue because it obviosely has created more confusion than needed.

Kind regards



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