On Son, 2010-12-19 at 22:29 +0900, Hideki Yamane wrote: 
> Forwarded from Bug#603986,
> > tags 603986 + help
> > thanks
> > 
> > I personally have not access to a PPC to do any trial, and using
> > qgis in remote would be a pain, I guess. It seems Heisenbug Principle
> > in this case applies, too. Maybe we should remove qgis for this
> > arch and wait some porters have time and will to help?
>  Could someone help to investigate qgis crash on PPC?

I think a good next step would be to resolve why rebuilding packages
locally seems to work around the problem for Steve but not for you.
Which package(s) exactly are you each rebuilding locally and installing
from the local build? In particular, the *_all.deb ones as well or only
the *_powerpc.deb ones? If the answer is 'both' for Steve and 'only the
latter' for Hideki-san, the problem is most likely an endianness issue
related to the database it's trying to load when it crashes.

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