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> Hi David,


> [..]
> > You should strip all the binaries and PDFs from the tarball. This is
> > a common issue in Debian (think of java packages where most of
> > upstreams embed *.jar files).
> Unfortunately PDF files also include the user manual end the reference
> documentation of functions the program provides.
> The program GUI has a menu from which the user can select the document
> to show (the document is displayed in the pdf-reder program).
> Sources of PDF documents are not provided so I think need to have PDFs
> around.

Then it can't go to Debian main. It can (maybe) go to non-free though.

Please ask upstream to provide sources for those PDFs, or strip them from the

> Summary of the unpacked archive:
> binary programs: 172M (can be stripped) 
> PDFs: 166M (it is better to stay in IMHO)
> sources and data files: 71M
> ActiveTcl: 21M  (can be stripped) 
> Do you think 166M + 71M unpacked are a reasonable size to put on the
> VCS?

I think 71M are a reasonable size. I.e. drop the PDFs ;)

> [..]
> I currently have a get-orig-source target to repack the zip archive
> into a tar.gz.
> Of course I could improve it to strip unnecessary files.

Usually, a get-orig-source is not needed to repack a zip into a tgz. You could
just have used "uscan --repack" ;)

But yes, if you have it, then it's good to put everything there.

Buona serata,

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