Package: netcdf-bin
Version: 1:4.1.1-5

        Apparently, ncdump doesn't support OpenDAP URI's of 56
        characters or more in length.  Consider, e. g.:

$ ncdump -k 
NetCDF: I/O failure

        I've checked the proxy logs, and no HTTP request is recorded
        upon the command above.  The behavior is the same should the URI
        be truncated to 56 characters:

$ ncdump -k 
ncdump: NetCDF: I/O 

        On the other hand, the URI's of 55 characters and less are
        handled differently, and the requests are being made:

$ ncdump -k 
ncdump: NetCDF: DAP 
server error
$ ncdump -k 
64-bit offset

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