The annotated tag, debian/1.6.0-1 has been created
        at  450e909eafe27c019addcc24d1b2946255ee85d6 (tag)
   tagging  44370433afc6ba4c0c91f1283e2805674b3e7ec1 (commit)
  replaces  debian/1.5.3-1
 tagged by  Francesco Paolo Lovergine
        on  Thu Feb 26 11:40:22 2009 +0000

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
[svn-buildpackage] Tagging gdal (1.6.0-1)

Alan Boudreault (1):
      small fix to remove extra space if the doxygen patch

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (13):
      Initial update for 1.6.0
      Patchset updated.
      Updated changelog.
      Fixed target and patch list.
      Ops, missing version fix.
      Python patch
      Long pending issues
      Minor patch to fix missing man page
      Fixating for use of dh_install
      Fixating doxygen patch for additional manpages.
      Tab required
      Some minor fixes for lintian complaining.
      Better changelog


GDAL/OGR library and tools

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