The annotated tag, debian/1.6.1-2 has been created
        at  7f2bcc0bfec957e6a48af10a3146768cd2b619a1 (tag)
   tagging  f0ac4f9f9d4a8ea83009a9f046f430d0e1392c15 (commit)
  replaces  debian/1.6.0-3
 tagged by  Francesco Paolo Lovergine
        on  Sun May 24 12:07:55 2009 +0000

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
[svn-buildpackage] Tagging gdal (1.6.1-2)

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (11):
      Missing patch committed.
      New upstream version.
      commit ecc603ebc2d08f6965c11d1470d647de3a2fb062
      Ready for release.
      One more binary.
      commit 9ddba4aef44414db08b60ffce3cc012560eea91f
      Remove unuseful/wrong patches for 1.6.1
      Removed swig regeneration at building time.
      Switching to python swig specific management.
      Fixed python oddity


GDAL/OGR library and tools

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