The annotated tag, debian/1.3.2-4 has been created
        at  43a0c0829661e7d9777e9dd1addb0db0562f9e2a (tag)
   tagging  d0a11c3c9224159f3da1449c601eec4089a8c295 (commit)
  replaces  debian/1.3.2-3
 tagged by  Francesco Paolo Lovergine
        on  Tue Feb 6 11:30:41 2007 +0000

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 1.3.2-4

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (2):
      Fixing #385747 in a silly way, upstream autoconf does not manage 
      Release 1.3.2-4


GRASS extension for the GDAL library

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