ogrinfo lacks any SEE ALSO to its other ogr man pages, same with
gdalinfo(1) -- Thu Feb 24 2011 -- GDAL
which by the way, has a phony date inserted. Please use the real date
of last substantial update in accordance with Debian standards.
ogr_utilities -- this page can be removed, as each listed has their
own page already -- but you need to do SEE ALSOs among them first.

On ogr2ogr
                [-lco NAME=VALUE] [-nln name] [-nlt type] [layer [layer ...]]
Maybe the first layer is a file to read from.
Maybe the seconf layer is the file to write to.
But it is anybody's guess.
Oh I see
one must do
for i in dbf shp shx; do cp a.$i b.$i; done
first if one doesn't want files clobbered. Maybe.
WAIT. I found it
               [-f format_name] [-overwrite] [[-dsco NAME=VALUE] ...]
               [-segmentize max_dist] [-fieldTypeToString All|(type1[,type2]*)]
               dst_datasource_name src_datasource_name
               [-lco NAME=VALUE] [-nln name] [-nlt type] [layer [layer ...]]
can you believe it was NOT on the last line!
It is             dst_datasource_name src_datasource_name
and can you believe the order is the opposite of my guess!

  Most of the operators are self explanitory, but is is worth nothing that
Nothing? Noting.

Cannot retrieve URL: file:///usr/share/doc/libgdal-doc/ogr/ogr_utilities.html
Though linked from
Please run linklint.
We note it is in /usr/share/doc/libgdal-doc/gdal/ogr_utilities.html

The IN takes a list of values as it's argument

P.S., your "%" operator is totally broken.
 ogrinfo -ro -al -where "`echo 縣市名稱 LIKE %投縣|iconv -t big5`" -geom=NO 
b.shp|iconv -f big5
 ERROR 1: Syntax error, 1 extra tokens
"_" works though.
WAIT: it turns out one needs quotes for %: "%ABC", but _ doesn't need it! _ABC
ogrinfo -ro -al -where "`echo 縣市名稱 LIKE \\\"%投縣\\\"|iconv -t big5`" -geom=NO 
b.shp|iconv -f big5
Be sure to document it.

More discoveries: Be sure to quote any IN(...) items if more than one!

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